Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for children

All children love to receive mail…. So why not take the occasion of Valentine’s Day to send them a nice little card or letter written by hand.

Depending of the age of the child, you should adjust the gift … If the child is young, you can give Valentine’s stickers… The dollar store are full of packages of stickers for $ 1 in hearts shape, Cupid or kisses … Tons of stickers for a few dollars … Hours of fun for children busy to stick them in their little booklet … hours of tranquility for parents!

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for children If you have many children, you can arrange an exchange of Valentine’s crafts between brothers and sisters … Hours of fun again … search on Google: Sample of Valentine’s coloring book.

For crafts, you can make use of Valentine’s Day stickers.

Have them make coloring, crafts, and write little words…

Valentine’s stickers will complete their creation.

Insert them into envelopes and send them to the family or friends.

If the children are older, have them go see a movies at the cinema or plan an evening at home with a fondue for dinner and after watch their favorite movie.

Of course, you will not miss to give them a nice little package of chocolate heart or cinnamon heart!

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