Video games for the Wii

In order to facilitate your Christmas shopping, or simply for an anniversary, her is a small list (none exhaustive) of the most popular video games for the Wii (autumn 2008).

If the person that receives the gift owns a Wii console… it will be a much appreciated gift for sure… if not, the person will probably get one! ;-)

  1. Wii 007 Quantum of Palace
  2. Wii Animal Crossing – City Folk
  3. Wii Batman – The Video Game – LEGO
  4. Wii Boogie SuperStar
  5. Wii Brothers in arms – Double Time
  6. Wii Call of Duty – World at War
  7. Wii Cooking Mama
  8. Wii Facebreakers K.O. Party
  9. Wii Crash Mind Over Mutant
  10. Wii Guitar Hero World Tour
  11. Wii Mario Super Sluggers
  12. Wii Mario Kart
  13. Wii Mario Land Shake It
  14. Wii Naruto Clash of Ninja – Revolution 2
  15. Wii Need for Speed – Undercover
  16. Wii NHL-2K9
  17. Wii Outdoor Challenge
  18. Wii Play
  19. Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids
  20. Wii Rock Revolution
  21. Wii Samba de Amigo
  22. Wii Scene It
  23. Wii Simcity Creator
  24. Wii Skate
  25. Wii SONIC Unleashed
  26. Wii Star Wars – The Clone Wars
  27. Wii Star Wars Force Unleashed
  28. Wii Super SmashBros Brawl
  29. Wii Shaun White Snowboarding – Road Trip

All those games for the Wii console are about 50$ in every retailed store that sells video games.

Good shopping and most of all, have fun !

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