Gift for hunters

Hunters! Dear Hunters! They are always well equipped, but it still is easy to give a nice present to a hunter. Either for Christmas or their anniversary, you have many different options. Here are some examples of gift that will always please hunters! !

  • Small confit of duck jar or duck pâté
  • A small hunting knife
  • A camouflage cap from Canard Illimités
  • A hand paint wooden duck

or a very interesting example, a hunter gift package including :

  • A bottle of red wine
  • A bilberry Wild board pâté
  • A rainbow wrasse guinea fowl pâté
  • A Armagnac pheasant pâté
  • A pepper mint deer pâté
  • Small presentation suitcase

Oh, for the hand made wooden duck, please no rainbow colors… Real duck colors… ;-)

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