Wedding shower gift ideas

Weddings… are so exciting! It is one of the most emotional moments in one’s life along with the birth of a child. Either if it is a member of your family like your brother or sister, or simply for one of your friend wedding, you must find an appropriate gift when you are invited to the shower before the wedding ceremony.

This event very popular in some family are not celebrated in others. That’s why some people are out of ideas when they are invited. This celebration usually takes place at the future bride’s house. More often, even if it can look weird, only girls are invited.

We give below a few examples of wedding shower gift ideas :

  1. Bath towels
  2. Bathroom kit (glass, soap box, towel holder…)
  3. Deluxe salt and pepper kit
  4. Cappuccino machine or a nice coffee maker
  5. A wok for the kitchen
  6. A service kit for punch or juice (pitcher, glass, cabaret)
  7. A nice table cloth
  8. A pretty center piece
  9. A small kit of dishes and forks for marinades
  10. A cloth matching kit for the kitchen
  11. Sheets for a double size bed
  12. Table chandeliers for the master’s bedroom
  13. A small vacuum device

Obviously if the couple is already living together, in an apartment or in a house, you wont be offering the same kind of gift then if the couple is still living at their parent’s house !

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