Stocking stuffer gift ideas

Kids always look at their Christmas stockings near the chimney or hook on somewhere else in the living room…

Kids think, dream and question themselves on what contain their stocking. It is also very exciting for the parents…

But what can we put year after year in those stocking ? You will find below many stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids… Don’t hesitate to give your suggestions in the comment section…

  1. Small candy package
  2. Christmas canes
  3. Small stuffed animals
  4. Small toy car
  5. Stickers
  6. Special crayons (like 4 colors ones)
  7. Erasers
  8. Whirligig
  9. Super balls
  10. Small puzzles
  11. Figurines from their favorite t.v. show
  12. Deck of cards
  13. Small books
  14. Small patience games
  15. Small magnetic construction game

It is better to put many small items in their stockings then two or three big ones… This way, kids will discover surprise after an other.

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