Gift examples for a teacher

Emeraude is a teacher and a really gifted person !

Indeed, don’t miss to check out the Créations Emeraude in the categories menu…

I ask for her advices in order to get some gift examples for a teacher. On a humorous side, she started off by saying : “I can tell you what a teacher really doesn’t want as a gift: mugs, candles, ornaments, bath products.”

So here are some suggestions and gift examples for a teacher :

Many teachers like crayons, so pretty and original crayons are always appreciated.

Gift certificate in a book store or at HMV.

SAQ or restaurant gift certificate.

A fruit basket.

The gift Emeraude preferred was a certificate for a massage (the mom that gave it to her was a massage lady), but this is expensive and not for every budget.

In a disadvantage school (my school being marked 9 out of 10 on the disadvantage scale, 1 being private schools), I prefer to receive a hand written card then a trinket from the dollar store (witch will go in the garbage eventually). When the parents take the time to write us a little something about how they appreciate our work, it is really heart warming.

Flowers, even if they don’t last long, it’s pleasant !!!

Thank you Madam the teacher !

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