Gift for a gardener

Gardeners love to relax in the backward. They can stay there all evening. Cutting, weeding, composting, etc., more the work, better it is. Furthermore, it’s exercising! If the garden or the backward is pretty big, you can offer some objects or plaster ornaments.

Here is a short list of ideas of gift for a gardener.

  1. Jeepers creepers
  2. A subscription at Fleurs-Plantes-Jardins magazine
  3. A book on garden insects and plants illnesses
  4. A book on vegetable growth
  5. A kit to determine the earth PH
  6. Deluxe clippers
  7. A watering can (not the green one made out of plastic!)
  8. A hand seed sower
  9. A small tools kit to manage the ground
  10. A bath for the birds
  11. A sundial
  12. A clematis
  13. Plaster animals

The good thing about the gardening lovers is that they can get us fresh fruits and vegetables !

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