Gift examples for travelling or a traveller

I asked the biggest traveller I know what she would like to get before her next departure. The list is pretty wide. It includes many small inexpensive ideas that are pretty useful. There are also ideas for bigger budgets.

So either for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or a travelling gift, you should be able to find something interesting below !

Don’t hesitate to send us your own suggestions under this article.

This question being pretty large, I don’t know if you are talking about small gadgets or more expensive material, but I will try to answer it…

  1. An IPod Touch since you can have your music, videos and it have internet access to stay in touch and give some up dates;
  2. A camera;
  3. A memory card for camera;
  4. A « pretty  notebook » in which the person could write his adventures and maybe stick some pictures, postcards, tickets, address of the people he meets or of the good places he’d visit (stores, restaurants, hotels…);
  5. A complete tour guide;
  6. A pocket dictionary;
  7. A Swiss Knife;
  8. A health/toilette kit;
  9. Emergency kit;
  10. A backpack or a piece of luggage;
  11. A belt pack to put the passport and money (very useful);
  12. Good luck charms (be creative!);
  13. A photo album with a photo of our friends, family members and a photo of our native land that will allow us to share;
  14. Sun glasses;
  15. Poncho;

Nice! You have a lot of option my friends !
Thanks Celine ! Come back when you want !

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