Gift examples for a scuba-diving lover

Professional scuba-diving or simply diving for fun is a passionate thing. Sometimes, it can become one of the principal things to considerate when planning a trip or vacations. Scuba-diving… first of all a passion of discovery ?

I ask a good friend of mine to list some gift example for a scuba-diving lover. Of course, everything depends on your budget…

For a modest price (less then a 100$), there is

  1. a secondary lamp,
  2. a lamp for night diving,
  3. a book on Quebec’s scuba-diving places,
  4. a page to call people from under water,
  5. a bag to carry the bob.

For the higher budget (more then 100$) there is

  1. a diving computer
  2. a carrying bag,
  3. a complete pressure regulator,
  4. a complete 7mm suit or 3mm for hot places.

Wow ! There are a lot of choices !

Thanks Liette for those great suggestions.

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