Gift examples for a photographer

Like you may know, photographers are passionate people and in general, they are already well equipped. However, it is always possible to offer them nice gifts :

  • A camera…hihihi
  • A tripod
  • An umbrella
  • Rechargeable batteries and a charger
  • A book on photography
  • A software programme to edit his pictures
  • A printer (for pictures)
  • Special paper for printing his pictures(it’s not a joke…)
  • Ink for his printer
  • A carry bag for his camera and accessories
  • When it come to accessories, it is always a bit more complicated, since you need to know exactly what type of camera the person has .
  • Canon $5,000.00 gift card… hehe… Santa…. ;-)

A big thanks to Bratazor, a great photographer… so here’s a cliché :

In order to get his excellent services :

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