Gift examples for a food lover

Your spouse loves to cock and present nice dishes to your guests ? You like good dishes and try new food ?

Here are some gift examples for a food lover. You can get them for yourself or even as a gift for your host :

  1. A fountain for chocolate
  2. A box of coins made out of chocolate (table ornaments)
  3. A kit to make gingerbread
  4. A box of Ferrero Rocher (it can be use as individual decoration on the table)
  5. A greater that can be use for cheese or chocolate
  6. A Wok
  7. A small slow cocker
  8. One or two pack of fair trade coffee
  9. Flower made out of chocolate
  10. Figurines made out of chocolate

You’ll see, this “ornaments” will be popular… there is almost not a chance for leftovers… ;-)

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