Green Christmas gift

We are right in the middle of Christmas time. Unfortunately, this period is often synonym of over consummation and big production of trash.

We can ask ourselves this question : “ Can we adopt more ecological practices all while keeping Christmas magic touch ? ” Well, yes we can.

Here are many ways to make your Christmas greener.

Green Christmas gift ideas
– Objects that we don’t use anymore
– Fair trade and/or biological product (tea, coffee, chocolate, spice…)
– Gift certificate (downloadable music, show tickets, SEPAQ, massages…)
– Handmade gifts (scarves, gloves, socks, jam, cookies, candies…)
– Service certificate (babysitting, help for painting, shovelling the entry, bring coffee each morning for a week, etc.)
– Clothing or jewelleries made with recycled fabrics.

Visit the or website for more ecological gift ideas.

Wish cards
– Cards from a humanitarian organization
– Local artist cards
– Keep your cards and craft some new one next year using your old ones
– Digital cards
– Cards printed on 100% recycled paper.

– Use Kraft paper, grocery bags, made with 100% recycled paper
– Give a second life to your “trash” like canes or crates
– Keep gift bags, ornaments, ribbon in order to use them again
– Try to keep the gently use wrapping paper if possible
– Wrap your gifts in a reusable material like a Christmas dishcloth or a tissue that you don’t use anymore.

– Try to offer mostly provincial or local product
- Avoid using non reusable dishes
– If you don’t have enough dishes, you can use very inexpensive plastic dishes that you can put in the dishwasher, you will also be able to use them again and again at your receptions
– You don’t want to do the dishes… Play a game where the losers must do the dishes
– Ask your guest to bring the missing things (chairs, dishes, table…).

– There is many brands of wine and beer that are local, organic and sometimes even fair trade. Ask for advices at your local SAQ. Energy efficiency
– Be careful about the Christmas lights !
– Close the lights at night (or use a time switch)
– Light the lights only in December
– Choose LED light bulbs. They use 90% less energy and last 7 times longer then regular bulbs.

I hope that those advices will help you pass a greener Christmas time.
I wish you a very nice Holliday!

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