Gift examples for a visually handicapped person

What can we give to a visually handicapped person ? This question seams simple and complicated all at once. Tough there is so many options. My friend Monique is a visually handicapped person and this doesn’t stop her from playing the organ.

Here are some gift examples for a visually handicapped person.

You can buy her a CD, all depending on the person personal taste, this is not an expensive gift and music is so beautiful !

There is even some books put on CD’s in bookstores like Archambault and Renaud-Bray.

A watch or a talking timer, witch is only about twenty dollars.

If the person likes to play games, there is many ones at the Institut Nazareth and Louis-Braille, located on 111 St-Charles Ouest in Longueil. Here are some game examples that you can find there: deck of cards, Scrabble, Crib, Black Diamond, checkers and many more…

You can also get many other suggestions by calling the Institute sales counter at the following number: (450) 463-1710, post 200.

There is also some talking visual display unit for the phone, witch are not very expensive. Of course, the visually handicapped person needs to subscribe to the visual unit display service.

Contrarily to the usual sayings, these people are very at ease with there computer. A lot of software are adapted for their conditions. You should see at what speed Monique travels on Windows and his applications !

Therefore, you can offer them accessories or technical gadgets for their computers (USB key, mp3 player, wireless mouse or keyboard, speakers for the computer, etc.)

Thank you Monique !

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