Christmas gifts examples for a girlfriend

Your dear girlfriend took care of you all year…

At Christmas time, seize the moment to prove her your love and devotion. It’s time to look for gift ideas for your girlfriend ! Take notice of her interest and what she likes.

She loves astrology but you don’t believe this crap ? Who cares, give her an astrology book !

You like hockey and always go see the game with your friends ? Buy two tickets and invite her ! She will be thrilled ! Staying in the « skating field », you could offer her tickets for an on ice show.

Girls/Women love massages… original if it’s offer in a frame or bottle (roll up and wrap it with a simple Christmas ribbon). You could also give her a hand made certificate that is always exchangeable for a massage gave by you….

The other idea is offering a box of chocolate but you change the wrapping a bit… In the box, under each chocolate, you hide a small piece of paper on which you write a number. In the box add a sheet where you write the “ bonus ” your girlfriend is entitled when she choose the piece of chocolate with this number !

Be creative !

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