Ideas of books for kids

It is a nice idea to offer a book to a child.

Young kids often pass to much time in front of their television or computer. Books are a way to offer them some time to relax and be calm, for example before going to bed or before supper time. In some other way, books are a way to open up to our world.

There are a lot of books for kids that are well illustrated and easy to read or to read.

So here are some ideas of books for kids :

  • Un million, c’est grand comment ?
  • Pousse, tourne, compte, et trouve les compagnons de Petit Pingouin
  • Les contes de fées illustrés
  • L’album phosphorescent de l’espace
  • L’album phosphorescent de l’océan
  • Fenêtre sur le corps humain
  • Fenêtre sur la planète Terre
  • Mon grand monde des animaux
  • Mon grand monde des dinosaures

Why not take the habit to read a good story each night before going to sleep ? And at the same time, you help your kid to develop his own taste towards literature.

Have a good time!

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