Baby shower gift examples

The upcoming arrival of a baby is a one of the only pleasant expecting. It’s an emotionally charge waiting. It a time to share our happiness with our friends and family.

That’s why baby shower exist… They create the opportunity to share this exciting event and at the same time, help the soon to become mommy by giving her some gifts for her and the baby.

Since we don’t always now the baby’s gender, we will offer baby shower gifts ideas that you could offer :

  • light sheets
  • small blankets
  • Little jars of puree (check out the “best before” date)
  • Few facial tissue kits
  • baby gloves
  • Small baby spoons
  • Small dishes for puree that can go in the freezer
  • Hand made baby paws made out of wool
  • Diapers
  • Rattles

Of course, sometimes, the parents will already have some of those items… but most of them can be useful in bigger quantity… like the small face tissue for example…

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