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Homemade cake for a kid birthday party

If you are one of those that prefer the delicious taste of a homemade cake to a commercial one made for the grocery, you have found !

Les creations d’Émeraude offer you a multiple choice of homemade cakes.

You can choose it and customize it for your kid birthday party !

Here are some themed cake suggestions :

These are only a few suggestions of our creations… Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for your special orders… It will be our pleasure to bake a cake that will wow your dear ones with an original cake.

Les Créations d’Émeraude :

(Montreal South Shore, St-Jean sur Richelieu)

«The cake can contain traces of nuts since we eat some in our home

Lover’s gift examples

If you want to spice up things and flame up the passion again, here are some lover’s gift examples :

  • A whale watching cruise or a cruise on the Saguenay’s fjord. Dufour’s group offering such experiences. If whale watching is not your thing, you can try a dancing diner cruise on the St-Laurent… If you are carful about the reservation time, you could get a great sunset !
  • A hockey game could also be a good event if you both love this sport and the same team… Furthermore, seats are very close one from the other…
  • A two person getaway at the Sky Spa… You hit the sky right at when you enter… you just have to enjoy… Otherwise, any spa getaway near a small Bed and Breakfast is very promising.
  • If you prefer having fun at home, you can find in different adults store different adults only games… From boring to exciting… take the time to compare them in the store before buying one… this is already mouth-watering right ?

Don’t forget, the important thing is to have fun…

Valentine’s Day menu

Valentine’s Day menuValentine’s Day is the ideal time to have dinner with your lovely girlfriend of boyfriend. Having dinner at the restaurant have the advantage that we have more time to talk because there is no meal to prepare and dishes to clean … However, restaurants are usually noisy and don’t have great privacy…

If you decide to do it at home, you can always order at your favorite restaurant… Otherwise, if you have some spare time, this is a great opportunity to put a little bit of love in your meal… Saying that this is the ideal time to put aphrodisiac foods in the menu…


Exemples of Valentine’s Day gift for my grandmother

Our grandmothers are extraordinary people. So we must not forget them. All occasions are good to remind them how we love them. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, do not hesitate to call her and bring her a small gift…

Exemple of Valentine’s Day gift for my grandmotherIt is also a great opportunity to make a family outing at a nice restaurant. It is always a good choice, except in a snowstorm! Because our elder find themselves too often only

Otherwise, you can cook a good and delicious dish for dinner and bring it at grandmother’s place

Granny will also love a do-it yourself thing for St-Valentine’s Day performed by any kids, especially if she can stick- it on the fridge. Do not forget the small card of love everybody likes to accept from the mail…

Chocolate fondant, without nuts, is also welcome.

You can also give her a puzzle with a family photo on it (the photo glued on a cardboard and cut …).

Or, give hey a keychain with the children’s picture on it.

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for my dad

Men, especially fathers, it is known, have almost everything of what they need … So the occasion of the Valentine’s Day allows us to dig in your mind!

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for my dadValentine’s Day is not the best occasion to give him a hammer … leave the tools a bit. Give something to spoil him.

  1. A cigar box from Cuba (if he’s not a chronic smoker)
  2. A chocolate box
  3. A wool scarf
  4. One pair of fleece gloves (it’s still cold in February!)
  5. A pair of slippers as he likes
  6. A bottle of wine with his name on it
  7. A Personal Chef apron

We always think to our mothers, but we must not forget our dads …

nice personal gift will be greatly appreciated

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend

Give a Gift at Valentine’s Day to your boyfriend is not easy… Boyfriends, they are gentle but they don’t want to let it appear! So they might not appreciate to receive flowers at the office… And much less to receive a teddy-bear at work!

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriendBut, any attention at home will be very well appreciated…

Guys love chocolate, almonds coated with chocolate.

They love romantic dinner at home, surrounded by candles.

Prepare a simple dinner, and plan the whole evening for both of you to be in front of the television watching a good boring romantic film…. :-)

Give him a message of love… Write a message on a colored cardboard, and cut it in several pieces!

You can also give him (and also you can enjoy) a ski trip at the Hotel Val-des-Neiges, Mont Sainte-Anne in Beaupre.

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for a girl

Your lovely daughter like to receive a small gift for Valentine’s Day … especially if she has no boyfriend….

Give her a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day.

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for a girlYou can offer to organize a party for Valentine’s Day at home with her friends… You could then make a menu for Valentine’s Day, put Valentine’s decoration in the house with your daughter. Find a Valentine’s tablecloth etc, etc.

Thus, Valentine’s Day will not have a negative connotation but might be a celebration even for single…

But if your daughter has a boyfriend, depending how old she is, you can offer her cinema tickets or a gift card from a video store.

Parents, often have difficulties to share their emotions with their children. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity. Take 30 minutes to write your thoughts (positive only) in a Valentine’s card. They will be very happy.

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for a couple

Your best pal has a new girlfriend?
Your intimate friend has just met a new exciting guy?
Your best pal couple seems not to be in passionate love?
Even your own couple seems not to be in passionate love?

 Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for a coupleHelp everybody in the name of Love!

Valentines Day is the celebration of love!

Then you have all the reasons or good excuses to go into an erotic boutique.

Move up and go shopping! Enter to see as they say. Look, touch, ask … Ask the clerk. If you are embarrassed in nature, go to an erotic shop away from your home…

You will find all sorts of toys, games, tower, etc …
It isn’t just “dirty things” in the erotic shops…

Go … no more taboos and enjoy!

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for children

All children love to receive mail…. So why not take the occasion of Valentine’s Day to send them a nice little card or letter written by hand.

Depending of the age of the child, you should adjust the gift … If the child is young, you can give Valentine’s stickers… The dollar store are full of packages of stickers for $ 1 in hearts shape, Cupid or kisses … Tons of stickers for a few dollars … Hours of fun for children busy to stick them in their little booklet … hours of tranquility for parents!


Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for my girlfriend

Our girlfriends… we love them so much, but sometimes we don’t know how to show them. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to do it! Don’t miss it because you will hear about it! :-)

Examples of Valentine’s Day gift for my girlfriendTry to be original, surprise them … Organize a dinner at home to surprise them… Put candles …. many candles …

Put candles on the ground and place them in heart-shaped (be safe). Dim the lights or close them.

Buy roses to please her, place them on the table. Pull gently the petals and put them on the tablecloth …

Keep few petals to put on the edge of the plates…

You can do a fondue or a raclette. Be sure to finish the meal with a chocolate fondue with fruit and especially strawberries … Place a small teddy bear on her pillow for Valentine’s Day.

Give her a message of love printed on a sweater.

You can also invite her at « le Salon de l’amour & de la Séduction »

And be sure to send her flowers at work or at home…