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Techno gadgets gift examples

Your kid (small, big or even for daddy) is really goo-goo about techno gadgets and you want to offer one for his birthday or for Christmas ?

Here is a list of the most popular techno gadget gift examples for 2008.

Let’s bet that most of the young ones will have one of those gifts for Christmas.

Parents can find some nice gift ideas… depending on their budget of course, since most of the techno gadgets can be expensive.

  1. A numeric camera
  2. A USB key
  3. Ipod Nano
  4. Ipod Touch
  5. Nintendo DS
  6. Nintendo wii
  7. A pack of DVD to burn
  8. A wireless mouse
  9. Wii fit
  10. Xbox 360
  11. Zune

The choice is yours ! You can also get one for your self, or put it on your Christmas list !

Video games for the XBOX 360

You are a fan of the XBOX 360 games ?

Now’s the time to read the list down below that presents the actual hottest games titles.

Choose those that aren’t in your collection yet and get them on your Christmas wish list !

  1. XBOX 360 Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe
  2. XBOX 360 Smack Down VS Raw 2009
  3. XBOX 360 Saints Row 2
  4. XBOX 360 Silent Hill – Home Coming
  5. XBOX 360 Prince of Persia
  6. XBOX 360 NHL09
  7. XBOX 360 The Last Remnant
  8. XBOX 360 Farcry 2
  9. XBOX 360 Fallout 3
  10. XBOX 360 Fable II
  11. XBOX 360 Midnight Club – Los Angeles
  12. XBOX 360 Infinite Undiscovery
  13. XBOX 360 Dead Space
  14. XBOX 360 Mercenaries 2 – World in Flames
  15. XBOX 360 EndWar
  16. XBOX 360 Red Alert 3 – Commando Conquer
  17. XBOX 360 Need for Speed – Undercover
  18. XBOX 360 Star Wars Force Unleashed

Hours of fun to come! Who says that it hurts to please ourselves ?

Play… play responsibly!

Video games for the PlayStation 2

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to offer a few video games for the PlayStation2 as a family gift.

Isn’t it an excellent way to play a maximum without interfering with school work ?

You will find below a list of video games for the PlayStation2. Those are the most popular one just before Christmas 2008 (none exhaustive enumeration)

  • PlayStation 2 007 Quantum of Palace
  • PlayStation 2 Batman – The Video Game – LEGO
  • PlayStation 2 Call of Duty – World at War – Final Fronts
  • PlayStation 2 FIFA Soccer 09
  • PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero World Tour
  • PlayStation 2 Mercenaries 2 – World in Flames
  • PlayStation 2 Need for Speed – Undercover
  • PlayStation 2 NHL-2K9
  • PlayStation 2 ShaunWhite Snowboarding
  • PlayStation 2 Smack Down VS Raw 2009
  • PlayStation 2 SONIC Unleashed
  • PlayStation 2 Star Wars Force Unleashed

Your kids, and probably daddy too, will have a lot of fun. You can find those PlayStation 2 video games in most of the retailed stores. Their prices goes from 20$ up to about 60$. Let’s bet that there will be a lot of those under the Christmas tree!

Video games for the Nintendo DS

The young ones really love the Nitendo DS and it is surely a very good gift idea for the holidays coming up.

You will find below a list of the most popular games, for the Christmas of 2009, on the selves for the Nintendo DS.

  1. Nintendo DS Call of Duty – World at War
  2. Nintendo DS Castlevania – Dawn of Sorrow
  3. Nintendo DS Chrono Trigger
  4. Nintendo DS Endwar
  5. Nintendo DS Kirby Super Star Ultra
  6. Nintendo DS My Sims Kingdom
  7. Nintendo DS Need for Speed – Undercover
  8. Nintendo DS Prince of Persian
  9. Nintendo DS Rayman Raving Rabbids
  10. Nintendo DS Simcity Creator
  11. Nintendo DS Star Wars – The Clone Wars
  12. Nintendo DS Tomb Raider
  13. Nintendo DS Tony Hawk’s Motion

There is no doubt that those gifts, with a price range between 30$ and 50$ will please more then one on Christmas night! Many young ones will play for at least a few hours with their new video games.

Video games for the Wii

In order to facilitate your Christmas shopping, or simply for an anniversary, her is a small list (none exhaustive) of the most popular video games for the Wii (autumn 2008).

If the person that receives the gift owns a Wii console… it will be a much appreciated gift for sure… if not, the person will probably get one! ;-)

  1. Wii 007 Quantum of Palace
  2. Wii Animal Crossing – City Folk
  3. Wii Batman – The Video Game – LEGO
  4. Wii Boogie SuperStar
  5. Wii Brothers in arms – Double Time
  6. Wii Call of Duty – World at War
  7. Wii Cooking Mama
  8. Wii Facebreakers K.O. Party
  9. Wii Crash Mind Over Mutant
  10. Wii Guitar Hero World Tour
  11. Wii Mario Super Sluggers
  12. Wii Mario Kart
  13. Wii Mario Land Shake It
  14. Wii Naruto Clash of Ninja – Revolution 2
  15. Wii Need for Speed – Undercover
  16. Wii NHL-2K9
  17. Wii Outdoor Challenge
  18. Wii Play
  19. Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids
  20. Wii Rock Revolution
  21. Wii Samba de Amigo
  22. Wii Scene It
  23. Wii Simcity Creator
  24. Wii Skate
  25. Wii SONIC Unleashed
  26. Wii Star Wars – The Clone Wars
  27. Wii Star Wars Force Unleashed
  28. Wii Super SmashBros Brawl
  29. Wii Shaun White Snowboarding – Road Trip

All those games for the Wii console are about 50$ in every retailed store that sells video games.

Good shopping and most of all, have fun !

Gifts examples for a Wii

You are looking for a gift that goes with the Wii game console since everybody only talks about the Wii ?

You want to get more accessories in order to be ready for the Christmas break ?

You are looking for a list of accessories that you can get for the Wii as a present… you at the right place…

We also give you the approximate price in Canadian $ with each example below :

  1. USB Wi-Fi connector (45$)
  2. 6 in 1 Wii Sport kit (25$)
  3. Wii Two colors lighting sword (30$)
  4. Wii Classic game controller (25$)
  5. Wii Nunchuk game controller (25$)
  6. Wii Zapper game controller(25$)
  7. Wii remote controller (45$)
  8. Wii driving wheel (15$)
  9. Wii Speak (30$)

Your games will only be funnier… and more active…

Video games gifts examples

If you are looking for a gift idea for a video game lover here are some suggestions !

Check out the list below and choose the one that is related to the right console or computer own by the one you want to please. Don’t hesitate and leave us a comment or gift suggestion related to video games gift examples.

  1. Call of Duty World at War
  2. Elmo Live
  3. Fallout 3
  4. Gears of War 2
  5. Guitar Hero World Tour (Guitar Hero 4)
  6. Bakugan Toy/figurine
  7. Lips
  8. Littlebigplanet
  9. Mario Kart Wii
  10. Rock Band 2
  11. Webkinz
  12. Wii Music
  13. Wii Fit

This list include the main trendy gifts ideas of fall 08.

PlayStation 3 video games

For those who have it in their possession, or will have it as a present for Christmas 2009.PlayStation 3 video games

Here is a listing of the main video games for PlayStation 3 that are in fashion actually :

  • PlayStation 3 007 Quantum of Palace
  • PlayStation 3 BioShock
  • PlayStation 3 Call of Duty – World at War – Final Fronts
  • PlayStation 3 Dead Space
  • PlayStation 3 Endwar (more…)