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Homemade cake for a kid birthday party

If you are one of those that prefer the delicious taste of a homemade cake to a commercial one made for the grocery, you have found !

Les creations d’Émeraude offer you a multiple choice of homemade cakes.

You can choose it and customize it for your kid birthday party !

Here are some themed cake suggestions :

These are only a few suggestions of our creations… Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for your special orders… It will be our pleasure to bake a cake that will wow your dear ones with an original cake.

Les Créations d’Émeraude :

(Montreal South Shore, St-Jean sur Richelieu)

«The cake can contain traces of nuts since we eat some in our home

Gift examples for a winter sports lover

Those that play different winter sports need to adapt themselves at the harsh winter conditions.

Winter cold, frozen winds, harsh humidity… Everything to prevent us from enjoying what we love to do.

Nevertheless ! We have what you need to face those conditions.

Here is a nice list of gift examples for a winter sports lover :

  1. A hot Caban coat
  2. A North Face Jacket
  3. A hot doubled layer leather coat
  4. A hot water proof coat
  5. A Burton coat (snowboard)
  6. A polar face protector
  7. A pair of Thinsulate gloves

There is no doubt that those winter sports lover gifts suggestions will really please the person that will receive them !

Gift examples for hockey players or hockey fans

Hockey ! A real passion ! It is always easy to please a hockey lover : Buy him a pair of tickets !

Or else go in a hockey boutique (preferably the one of his favorite team) and get him a gift for a real hockey fan ! :

  • A subscription at his team magazine
  • The calendar of his favorite hockey team
  • His favorite team coffee mug (or one made for the car)
  • A gift certificate that he can exchange in his favorite hockey store or supplier
  • A key ring
  • His team cap

You can also offer him a La Cage aux Sports gift certificate, if he likes to go and watch the game.

Gift for a shooting lover

Hello shooting lovers! When I was asked to give shooting lover gift ideas, three things that could make great gift ideas immediately came to my mind.

For those who don’t already have one : a gun stapler (12-15$). This way you won’t need to borrow one before fixing your targets.

An other gift idea could help to shoot more precisely : a table support with cushion and with adjustable height for the rifle barrel (50$ to 100$ depending on the model)…

Finally and spotting scope. No need to get near the target to see your shooting results. You will be able to see them form where you are standing. Even at 100meters or more! Pricing starting at 150$ going up to 1000$.

Furthermore, for the inexpensive price of 25-30$ you can buy a support to attach the scope at your car window. Very useful to see a moose from far ahead all while being comfortably sitting in your car. Good hunt and good shooting!

Thank you Affûté!

Gift for hunters

Hunters! Dear Hunters! They are always well equipped, but it still is easy to give a nice present to a hunter. Either for Christmas or their anniversary, you have many different options. Here are some examples of gift that will always please hunters! !

  • Small confit of duck jar or duck pâté
  • A small hunting knife
  • A camouflage cap from Canard Illimités
  • A hand paint wooden duck

or a very interesting example, a hunter gift package including :

  • A bottle of red wine
  • A bilberry Wild board pâté
  • A rainbow wrasse guinea fowl pâté
  • A Armagnac pheasant pâté
  • A pepper mint deer pâté
  • Small presentation suitcase

Oh, for the hand made wooden duck, please no rainbow colors… Real duck colors… ;-)

Christmas gift for hunters

Hunters are often exposed at the cool fall winds. Good quality clothing will always be appreciated

  1. Light camouflage gloves
  2. Small camouflage scarf
  3. Camouflage hide neck
  4. Longue thermos underwear
  5. Camouflage tuque (mostly the polar one…)

With this kind of present you cannot really go wrong.

Indeed, even if your favorite hunter already got one of those suggestions, having a spare one is always a good thing.

Gift examples for fishermen

Gift examples for fishermenEnthusiasts fishermen in general are pretty well equipped, fishing rods, lures and tackles. However, it is quite easy to find something that they don’t have.

If you have the opportunity to accompany them on their fishing trips, this will be very easy. Pay attention to lures that are lost or still hung in the bottom of the lake. Pay also attention to the lure “stars”. Go to the
store to buy different formats of the “lures” starring … You can also buy different colors. Colors like the fluorescent orange, blue, black, green or silver are always winners in various fishing situations. (more…)

Gift examples for golfers

Gift examples for golfersGolfers love the outdoors, green spaces, and have a good time with friends. It is also a good time to discuss business with partners, suppliers or customers. Under the usual circumstances of your favorite golfer, it helps to guide the type of gift.

Gift example for golfer :

  • A golf rangefinder to measure the distance to the pin on the green
  • A set of personalized golf ball (for example with its initials)
  • A small portable package for home to practice rolls on the green
  • Some packages tees
  • A golf towel to wipe / clean the golf balls
  • A golf umbrella (sun, rain)
  • A thermos bottle style (hot / cold)
  • A small bag of golf
  • A golf ball retriever

And wish him nice weather!