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Gift examples for a small Christmas present

You are looking for a small gift that is not expensive, but can be useful too ?

You want to give something to your sister in law that is the party hostess, but you don’t know her that well yet? You want to offer something that is original and different, but not insignificant ? You are at the right place for that…

Here is, just for you, a bunch of suggestions and gift examples for a small Christmas present :

  1. a popcorn machine
  2. a popcorn bol
  3. studded winter shoe sole
  4. a cutting board and a knife
  5. A deluxe electrical bottle opener
  6. A nice designed wine bottle holder
  7. a box of fine chocolates
  8. a USB key for her computer
  9. a mitten like windshield scrapper for her car
  10. A gift set box from Tim Horton with a coffee mug, some coffee pouches, etc.
  11. An artisan gift bought at the Salon des métiers d’art

and why not offer that in the same Christmas wrapping ?

You can also get a look in the article : Christmas exchanges gift ideas.

Gift examples for your child friend’s birthday

When your kid is invited at a friends birthday, its highly recommend that you bring a present for the friend that is the king or the queen of the day.

Of course, the gift must take note of the friend age. Generally, generic gifts are welcomed and are always pleasing.

Here is are some gift examples for your child friend’s birthday :

Ages 5 to 8

  • a small thematic illustrated book (example : planes, animals, etc)
  • small toy cars Matchbox like (gift idea for boys )
  • a crafting kit, for example a box set of scrapbooking scissors (gift idea for girls)
  • a puzzle
  • a social game expressly for kids

Ages 9 à 14

  • a social game
  • a pair of movie tickets
  • a videogame location store gift card
  • a theme related encyclopaedia

When you call the parents to confirm your child’s presence, you have the opportunity to ask for some gifts ideas related to the birthday child…

Gift examples for your marriage guests

Marriages are receptions filled with nice moments !

Those celebrations are often filled with a lot of guests. In most marriage, the newly weds gets gifts from their guests and in many marriage, the newly weds are also offering their guest a present to those that were there to celebrate with them. Those little gifts are usually put on the table and are also used as decoration.

Here are some gift examples for your marriage guest :

  1. some personalized small champagne glasses
  2. a personalized salt and pepper kit
  3. a personalized floral plant
  4. a personalized bell or duo of bells
  5. a personalized spoons (or two attached together)
  6. personalized candles
  7. Small glass jars filled with candies

When we say personalize, we mean with an inscription or decorated with the newly weds names and date of the celebration.

These are not big gifts, but a small “thank you for being here with us” souvenir.

New Year gift examples

New Year is coming up and you need to shop for a host gift. You want to give a small gift for the person that is welcoming you for this celebration ?

Here are New Year gift examples :

  • Red Poinsettia flowers
  • Wall clock
  • A bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine
  • A hand made calendar made out of pictures and images that represents your host (or his kids)
  • A big candle kit to put on the table
  • Some table center pieces that represents birds (preferably red cardinals)

Celebrate, have fun ! Happy New Year !

Wedding gift examples

Now our days, newly weds prefer money (cash or cheques) as a wedding gift… But this will always be an impersonal gift. As it is for every kind of gift, the more you know about the person (couple) the easier it is to find the perfect gift… that they don’t already have !!!

In order to guide you a bit, here is a short list of wedding gift examples :

  1. Fondue kit
  2. A pop-corn machine
  3. An electric wok
  4. A slow cooker
  5. A coffee machine
  6. An electric raclette disposal
  7. A buffet style dish heater
  8. A standing chandelier made out of wrought iron
  9. A grand-father clock (small version
  10. Table cloth kit
  11. Champagne glass kit (6-8)
  12. A getaway for two in a Spa resort

There you have many different options ! And they lived happily ever after !

Baby shower gift examples

The upcoming arrival of a baby is a one of the only pleasant expecting. It’s an emotionally charge waiting. It a time to share our happiness with our friends and family.

That’s why baby shower exist… They create the opportunity to share this exciting event and at the same time, help the soon to become mommy by giving her some gifts for her and the baby.

Since we don’t always now the baby’s gender, we will offer baby shower gifts ideas that you could offer :

  • light sheets
  • small blankets
  • Little jars of puree (check out the “best before” date)
  • Few facial tissue kits
  • baby gloves
  • Small baby spoons
  • Small dishes for puree that can go in the freezer
  • Hand made baby paws made out of wool
  • Diapers
  • Rattles

Of course, sometimes, the parents will already have some of those items… but most of them can be useful in bigger quantity… like the small face tissue for example…

Attending gifts examples

When you are organising a small birthday bash for your kid, you expect other kids to bring a small gift. Obviously, it is not an obligation. Some parents won’t think about it or are not able to afford one and it is ok this way.We put on a birthday party in order for our kid to see his friends and have fun with them.

To thank all the kids that came, parents usually give a small attending gift bag… like a little souvenir. This package is even easier to make if there is a particular birthday theme.

You will find bellow some attending gift ideas for a kids birthday party :

  1. A birthday theme related figurine
  2. Stickers with a scrapbook
  3. A birthday theme related coloring book.

You can also fill up yourself a small chest, case, bag of :

  • pencils
  • erasers
  • sharpeners
  • rings
  • and candies of course!

Small surprise bags are always popular and pretty simple to adapt t each theme. Even if they need more time to make, a home made gift is always more fulfilling.

Lover’s gift examples

If you want to spice up things and flame up the passion again, here are some lover’s gift examples :

  • A whale watching cruise or a cruise on the Saguenay’s fjord. Dufour’s group offering such experiences. If whale watching is not your thing, you can try a dancing diner cruise on the St-Laurent… If you are carful about the reservation time, you could get a great sunset !
  • A hockey game could also be a good event if you both love this sport and the same team… Furthermore, seats are very close one from the other…
  • A two person getaway at the Sky Spa… You hit the sky right at when you enter… you just have to enjoy… Otherwise, any spa getaway near a small Bed and Breakfast is very promising.
  • If you prefer having fun at home, you can find in different adults store different adults only games… From boring to exciting… take the time to compare them in the store before buying one… this is already mouth-watering right ?

Don’t forget, the important thing is to have fun…

Wedding shower gift ideas

Weddings… are so exciting! It is one of the most emotional moments in one’s life along with the birth of a child. Either if it is a member of your family like your brother or sister, or simply for one of your friend wedding, you must find an appropriate gift when you are invited to the shower before the wedding ceremony.

This event very popular in some family are not celebrated in others. That’s why some people are out of ideas when they are invited. This celebration usually takes place at the future bride’s house. More often, even if it can look weird, only girls are invited.

We give below a few examples of wedding shower gift ideas :

  1. Bath towels
  2. Bathroom kit (glass, soap box, towel holder…)
  3. Deluxe salt and pepper kit
  4. Cappuccino machine or a nice coffee maker
  5. A wok for the kitchen
  6. A service kit for punch or juice (pitcher, glass, cabaret)
  7. A nice table cloth
  8. A pretty center piece
  9. A small kit of dishes and forks for marinades
  10. A cloth matching kit for the kitchen
  11. Sheets for a double size bed
  12. Table chandeliers for the master’s bedroom
  13. A small vacuum device

Obviously if the couple is already living together, in an apartment or in a house, you wont be offering the same kind of gift then if the couple is still living at their parent’s house !

Stocking stuffer gift ideas

Kids always look at their Christmas stockings near the chimney or hook on somewhere else in the living room…

Kids think, dream and question themselves on what contain their stocking. It is also very exciting for the parents…

But what can we put year after year in those stocking ? You will find below many stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids… Don’t hesitate to give your suggestions in the comment section…

  1. Small candy package
  2. Christmas canes
  3. Small stuffed animals
  4. Small toy car
  5. Stickers
  6. Special crayons (like 4 colors ones)
  7. Erasers
  8. Whirligig
  9. Super balls
  10. Small puzzles
  11. Figurines from their favorite t.v. show
  12. Deck of cards
  13. Small books
  14. Small patience games
  15. Small magnetic construction game

It is better to put many small items in their stockings then two or three big ones… This way, kids will discover surprise after an other.