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Gift examples for an editor

I have a good friend, Catherine, witch is a great editor… So I ask her to suggest me a few gift examples for an editor. I leave you with her very interesting response…

As an editor, the first thing that come to my mind is two books that you need to give to those who doesn’t already have them :

1) “Le millepatte sur un nénufar” published at the Renouvo editions. This book includes all the new orthographical rules and the new way to write the words that the orthography changed.

All content editors (magazine, book and web) did not adopt the new orthography recommend since 2005 and we need to put the pressure on by giving our texts with that new orthography.

If all editors do it, the ones that are resisting will have to give up and do the same. Same thing in school, the teachers need to teach with that new orthography. This book is about 4,50$ and you can find it in all Archambault or Renaud-Bray stores.

Online, you can find a free list of all those words at this address :
To bookmarked absolutely !

2) “Le Ramat de la typograhphie”, a book that cannot be ignore, it’s the editor’s bible. The 9th edition got published on July 2nd 2008. This book cost 19,95$ in all Archambault and Renaud-Bray stores and online stores…

3) Obviously, Le Petit Robert is always a good choice

Furthermore, on an other hand, a housekeeper or housecleaner (that will do all the cleaning, cooking, repairing, washing, the dishes…) and even more if the affinities are there… That’s priceless and I don’t know if you can find one in store or online…

Thanks Catherine.

Gift ideas for an art director

What can we give as a gift to an art director… I ask my good friend André… the best art director that I know of. He gave me many gift ideas for an art director… Here is the list :

  • Pantone board
  • Iphone, Ipod
  • Graphic board
  • Canon 5D numeric camera
  • RED Video camera
  • Noise reducer headphones
  • a subscription at the ID magazine
  • a subscription at the Graphica magazine

Thanks André !

Gift examples for a truck driver

A few years ago, Jean-Pierre, a good friend of mine, left his computer job (where he was excelling by the way) in order to realise one of his old dream : become a truck driver.

He was the right person to make this list of gift examples for a truck driver !

As a truck driver, you need a minimum of things and you quickly have everything you need. However, here are some interesting ideas :

- A bag to put all his or her beauty care products. A pretty bag to put the shaving system, the cream and after-shave cologne (witch is always practical). There are some bags with no storage pockets, but personally, I prefer the deluxe bags with more storage pockets.

- A GPS, for those that don’t all ready have one. The kind that you can install on the dashboard. Or for those that have a laptop, GRAMIN offers a software program for about 130$. You can get that software in the “Aux Quatres Points Cardinaux” store located on the corner of Ontario and St-Hubert Street. You can always offer the Microsoft Streets and Trips in GPS version or not.

- A satellite radio, or a one year subscription

- A quality on the go coffee mug for the car

- A prepaid phone card US/Canada.

If you want to tease him a little… an inflatable doll. What ? The guy is on the road for weeks… ;-)

Don’t forget that in the truck… space is limited.

Gift examples for a teacher

Emeraude is a teacher and a really gifted person !

Indeed, don’t miss to check out the Créations Emeraude in the categories menu…

I ask for her advices in order to get some gift examples for a teacher. On a humorous side, she started off by saying : “I can tell you what a teacher really doesn’t want as a gift: mugs, candles, ornaments, bath products.”

So here are some suggestions and gift examples for a teacher :

Many teachers like crayons, so pretty and original crayons are always appreciated.

Gift certificate in a book store or at HMV.

SAQ or restaurant gift certificate.

A fruit basket.

The gift Emeraude preferred was a certificate for a massage (the mom that gave it to her was a massage lady), but this is expensive and not for every budget.

In a disadvantage school (my school being marked 9 out of 10 on the disadvantage scale, 1 being private schools), I prefer to receive a hand written card then a trinket from the dollar store (witch will go in the garbage eventually). When the parents take the time to write us a little something about how they appreciate our work, it is really heart warming.

Flowers, even if they don’t last long, it’s pleasant !!!

Thank you Madam the teacher !

Gift examples for a photographer

Like you may know, photographers are passionate people and in general, they are already well equipped. However, it is always possible to offer them nice gifts :

  • A camera…hihihi
  • A tripod
  • An umbrella
  • Rechargeable batteries and a charger
  • A book on photography
  • A software programme to edit his pictures
  • A printer (for pictures)
  • Special paper for printing his pictures(it’s not a joke…)
  • Ink for his printer
  • A carry bag for his camera and accessories
  • When it come to accessories, it is always a bit more complicated, since you need to know exactly what type of camera the person has .
  • Canon $5,000.00 gift card… hehe… Santa…. ;-)

A big thanks to Bratazor, a great photographer… so here’s a cliché :

In order to get his excellent services :

Gift examples for a child care worker

Your kid is passing a lot of time at the child care… most of the time, one third of each day of the week… Your kid is generally passing the same time with his child care worker then with you.

When Christmas is arriving, or when your child is ending a season with his child care worker, you want to give him or her a little something to show your appreciation for all the attention he or she gave to your child.

Here is a small list of gift examples for a child care worker that can help you choose a nice presen :

  • a box a fine Belgium chocolates
  • a personalise crafting that represent the child care worker
  • a gift basket of fine cheese and crackers
  • a fruits basket
  • a pretty card with a hand made personalize message

It is highly recommend that you also include a small card with a thank you note. The card can be made by the kid himself. These are often the most appreciated gifts.

Furthermore, if the nursery doesn’t want the parents to give gifts for any reasons, you can add a couple of lottery tickets in the card ;-).

Gift examples for an administrative assistant

You have an administrative assistant out of the ordinary ?

She is always there to help you out, offer you her help and do more then what you ask for (this is one demanding job).

She’s the one that does your coffee and order your meals; it is time to think about her for once !

Here is a short list of gift examples for an administrative assistant, a golden one ! This list is not only for Christmas gift but it is for any occasion or even for no particular occasion.

  • an adjustable feet rest bench
  • a really good wireless head set
  • a gift certificate at a restaurant she likes
  • flowers with a vase (so that she can bring them home)
  • a Centre à la mode gift certificate
  • a pair of tickets for a show she would like
  • a big candy jar (filled with her favorite candies)

Think about it, she will probably give you five time more ! But don’t only be opportunist. Be honest !

Gift for an art lover

If you are looking for a gift for an art lover, here is a good way to star… Whether your friend is an art lover or an artist himself, you can always go at some specific artists stores.

Stores like Omer DeSerres can be an excellent place to start shopping. The staff is always pleased to help you. On the other hand, an IPhone is always appropriated, just like books or a magazine subscription.

Thanks to my friend Yimming.

Gift for an engineer

Thanks to my friend Eric for those suggestions. Knowing many engineers, he tells me that gift ideas always depends on the type of engineering…

All tough, anything considered as tickets (good seats) for a show or sports event is always a good idea. There are also expensive gadgets and less expensive ones that could be appreciated like a fancy pencil (Switzerland) with a good reputation and a laser pointer.

Furthermore, Suisse watches (airman style) or leather jackets for airmen are also gifts that distinguish themselves by being very classy.

GPS devices are also a very good idea. It all depends on your budget.

The choice is up to you!

Gift for a hiker

Hiking is a great way to keep in shape. It is also very accessible to a majority of people. There are tons of mountains, parks, national reserves that allow us to enjoy the view and the wilderness.

Here are some gift ideas for hikers or those who love to go and walk outside.

  1. Head-on light
  2. Hiking books
  3. Gortex coat
  4. Camelback
  5. Compass
  6. Emergency kit
  7. Lighter
  8. Small binoculars
  9. Whistle
  10. Small one shoulder backpack

You don’t need much to hike, but those items are very useful and can even save lives if people get lost into the woods.