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Star Wars gift ideas

If you know someone that really loves the Star Wars saga and you want to impress him…

here is the ideal Star Wars gift !

It’s different then the usual figurines, films, DVD and other ordinary gadgets…

Here is for the TRUE FANS… The Star Wars Toaster!

Gift ideas for a video game console lover

Videogame lovers are often maniacs that can play for hours and hours. But, it’s their passion… what can we do! So now it’s time to give a gift related to their passion!

Obviously, you need to identify which game console the owner has… If he owns a Nintendo Wii, here is where you will find more information :

There is also a game for all consoles :

Thank you Jo for those suggestions.

Gift for a wine lover

If you are looking for a gift for your husband, boyfriend or partner that can’t stop talking about the last bottles he discovered, here is a small list of gifts ideas that you could give to a wine lover :

  1. Deluxe waterproof cork to seal the bottle.
  2. A deluxe battery bottle opener.
  3. A pouring cork for wine bottles.
  4. A bottle stand made for tables.
  5. A clothe for wine bottles.
  6. The Phaneuf book guide « le guide des vins ».
  7. Jean-François Plante’s book « Bistro ». The Aubry 2009 guide book «
  8. A book on the best wine and cheese duos.

This is few choices within the most popular books… and you can find many more in your local book store.

Christmas gift for hunters

Hunters are often exposed at the cool fall winds. Good quality clothing will always be appreciated

  1. Light camouflage gloves
  2. Small camouflage scarf
  3. Camouflage hide neck
  4. Longue thermos underwear
  5. Camouflage tuque (mostly the polar one…)

With this kind of present you cannot really go wrong.

Indeed, even if your favorite hunter already got one of those suggestions, having a spare one is always a good thing.

Gift for an aquarium lover

You are looking for a gift for an aquarium lover ?

Here is a GREAT gift if you have a good budget and if your tropical fishes lover has a big house… A really nice fish tank for tropical fishes that will catch the eye and that will totally revitalize your living room !

Here is the address to order online your aquarium and I recommend that you have it directly delivered at the aquarium lover’s house… (more…)

Gift examples for fishermen

Gift examples for fishermenEnthusiasts fishermen in general are pretty well equipped, fishing rods, lures and tackles. However, it is quite easy to find something that they don’t have.

If you have the opportunity to accompany them on their fishing trips, this will be very easy. Pay attention to lures that are lost or still hung in the bottom of the lake. Pay also attention to the lure “stars”. Go to the
store to buy different formats of the “lures” starring … You can also buy different colors. Colors like the fluorescent orange, blue, black, green or silver are always winners in various fishing situations. (more…)