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Gift examples for a guitar player/lover

A lot of people and many teenagers that would love to learn how to play the guitar. For some, it is a real passion. Here are some gift examples for a guitar player or lover.
1- Metronome;
2- tuner;
3- magnetic guitar pick;
4- Music score;

5- Software (ex: Guitar Pro);
6- Carrying case;
7- Tripod (single or multi);
8- Spare strings;
9- Microphone;
10- Strap;
11- Amp;
12- Lectern.

Obviously, for many of those gifts, you need to know the size or the type of guitar… You just need to pay attention to your relative’s guitar in order to get the information you need. You can also ask other friends or family members to get that precious information.

Thanks Philou for those ideas !

Gift examples for a photographer

Like you may know, photographers are passionate people and in general, they are already well equipped. However, it is always possible to offer them nice gifts :

  • A camera…hihihi
  • A tripod
  • An umbrella
  • Rechargeable batteries and a charger
  • A book on photography
  • A software programme to edit his pictures
  • A printer (for pictures)
  • Special paper for printing his pictures(it’s not a joke…)
  • Ink for his printer
  • A carry bag for his camera and accessories
  • When it come to accessories, it is always a bit more complicated, since you need to know exactly what type of camera the person has .
  • Canon $5,000.00 gift card… hehe… Santa…. ;-)

A big thanks to Bratazor, a great photographer… so here’s a cliché :

In order to get his excellent services :

Gift examples for a scuba-diving lover

Professional scuba-diving or simply diving for fun is a passionate thing. Sometimes, it can become one of the principal things to considerate when planning a trip or vacations. Scuba-diving… first of all a passion of discovery ?

I ask a good friend of mine to list some gift example for a scuba-diving lover. Of course, everything depends on your budget…

For a modest price (less then a 100$), there is

  1. a secondary lamp,
  2. a lamp for night diving,
  3. a book on Quebec’s scuba-diving places,
  4. a page to call people from under water,
  5. a bag to carry the bob.

For the higher budget (more then 100$) there is

  1. a diving computer
  2. a carrying bag,
  3. a complete pressure regulator,
  4. a complete 7mm suit or 3mm for hot places.

Wow ! There are a lot of choices !

Thanks Liette for those great suggestions.

Gift examples for a Tam-tam player

Either if it’s for your teenager, your boyfriend or girlfriend or simply your friend that loves to play this instrument, there is always a little something that you can offer the person that will please him or her.

You can also go in his or her favorite store and talk with the salesperson there. Here are some gift examples for your favorite tam-tam player !

1- A carrying bag,
2- A skin protector product,
3- Sticks (like he would love to have…;-)),
4- A gift certificate in his favorite music store.

There you go ! You can also take a look at the Steve’s Music website.

Gift for an art lover

If you are looking for a gift for an art lover, here is a good way to star… Whether your friend is an art lover or an artist himself, you can always go at some specific artists stores.

Stores like Omer DeSerres can be an excellent place to start shopping. The staff is always pleased to help you. On the other hand, an IPhone is always appropriated, just like books or a magazine subscription.

Thanks to my friend Yimming.

Gift examples for a food lover

Your spouse loves to cock and present nice dishes to your guests ? You like good dishes and try new food ?

Here are some gift examples for a food lover. You can get them for yourself or even as a gift for your host :

  1. A fountain for chocolate
  2. A box of coins made out of chocolate (table ornaments)
  3. A kit to make gingerbread
  4. A box of Ferrero Rocher (it can be use as individual decoration on the table)
  5. A greater that can be use for cheese or chocolate
  6. A Wok
  7. A small slow cocker
  8. One or two pack of fair trade coffee
  9. Flower made out of chocolate
  10. Figurines made out of chocolate

You’ll see, this “ornaments” will be popular… there is almost not a chance for leftovers… ;-)

Gift examples for travelling or a traveller

I asked the biggest traveller I know what she would like to get before her next departure. The list is pretty wide. It includes many small inexpensive ideas that are pretty useful. There are also ideas for bigger budgets.

So either for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or a travelling gift, you should be able to find something interesting below !

Don’t hesitate to send us your own suggestions under this article.

This question being pretty large, I don’t know if you are talking about small gadgets or more expensive material, but I will try to answer it…

  1. An IPod Touch since you can have your music, videos and it have internet access to stay in touch and give some up dates;
  2. A camera;
  3. A memory card for camera;
  4. A « pretty  notebook » in which the person could write his adventures and maybe stick some pictures, postcards, tickets, address of the people he meets or of the good places he’d visit (stores, restaurants, hotels…);
  5. A complete tour guide;
  6. A pocket dictionary;
  7. A Swiss Knife;
  8. A health/toilette kit;
  9. Emergency kit;
  10. A backpack or a piece of luggage;
  11. A belt pack to put the passport and money (very useful);
  12. Good luck charms (be creative!);
  13. A photo album with a photo of our friends, family members and a photo of our native land that will allow us to share;
  14. Sun glasses;
  15. Poncho;

Nice! You have a lot of option my friends !
Thanks Celine ! Come back when you want !

Gift examples for hockey players or hockey fans

Hockey ! A real passion ! It is always easy to please a hockey lover : Buy him a pair of tickets !

Or else go in a hockey boutique (preferably the one of his favorite team) and get him a gift for a real hockey fan ! :

  • A subscription at his team magazine
  • The calendar of his favorite hockey team
  • His favorite team coffee mug (or one made for the car)
  • A gift certificate that he can exchange in his favorite hockey store or supplier
  • A key ring
  • His team cap

You can also offer him a La Cage aux Sports gift certificate, if he likes to go and watch the game.

Gift for a hiker

Hiking is a great way to keep in shape. It is also very accessible to a majority of people. There are tons of mountains, parks, national reserves that allow us to enjoy the view and the wilderness.

Here are some gift ideas for hikers or those who love to go and walk outside.

  1. Head-on light
  2. Hiking books
  3. Gortex coat
  4. Camelback
  5. Compass
  6. Emergency kit
  7. Lighter
  8. Small binoculars
  9. Whistle
  10. Small one shoulder backpack

You don’t need much to hike, but those items are very useful and can even save lives if people get lost into the woods.

Gift for a gardener

Gardeners love to relax in the backward. They can stay there all evening. Cutting, weeding, composting, etc., more the work, better it is. Furthermore, it’s exercising! If the garden or the backward is pretty big, you can offer some objects or plaster ornaments.

Here is a short list of ideas of gift for a gardener.

  1. Jeepers creepers
  2. A subscription at Fleurs-Plantes-Jardins magazine
  3. A book on garden insects and plants illnesses
  4. A book on vegetable growth
  5. A kit to determine the earth PH
  6. Deluxe clippers
  7. A watering can (not the green one made out of plastic!)
  8. A hand seed sower
  9. A small tools kit to manage the ground
  10. A bath for the birds
  11. A sundial
  12. A clematis
  13. Plaster animals

The good thing about the gardening lovers is that they can get us fresh fruits and vegetables !