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Gift for an art lover

If you are looking for a gift for an art lover, here is a good way to star… Whether your friend is an art lover or an artist himself, you can always go at some specific artists stores.

Stores like Omer DeSerres can be an excellent place to start shopping. The staff is always pleased to help you. On the other hand, an IPhone is always appropriated, just like books or a magazine subscription.

Thanks to my friend Yimming.

Gifts examples for the car

Here is a small list of gift examples for the car, ideal for those who just bought their first car !

This list can also be good for anyone that owns a car… ;-)

  1. A handheld recorder key ring
  2. A handheld scrapper for the windshield
  3. A 5 in 1 emergency tool
  4. A wheel protector
  5. A dynamo handle flash light
  6. A coffee mug for the car
  7. A kit of 3 emergency signalling folding pyramids
  8. A storing cup holder for the car
  9. A universal cell-phone battery charger
  10. A heating blanket for the car (that you plug in the cigarette lighter)

These are nice examples of gift ideas for the car that will easily make a small Christmas gift or present for the new buyer.

Attending gifts examples

When you are organising a small birthday bash for your kid, you expect other kids to bring a small gift. Obviously, it is not an obligation. Some parents won’t think about it or are not able to afford one and it is ok this way.We put on a birthday party in order for our kid to see his friends and have fun with them.

To thank all the kids that came, parents usually give a small attending gift bag… like a little souvenir. This package is even easier to make if there is a particular birthday theme.

You will find bellow some attending gift ideas for a kids birthday party :

  1. A birthday theme related figurine
  2. Stickers with a scrapbook
  3. A birthday theme related coloring book.

You can also fill up yourself a small chest, case, bag of :

  • pencils
  • erasers
  • sharpeners
  • rings
  • and candies of course!

Small surprise bags are always popular and pretty simple to adapt t each theme. Even if they need more time to make, a home made gift is always more fulfilling.

Gift examples for a food lover

Your spouse loves to cock and present nice dishes to your guests ? You like good dishes and try new food ?

Here are some gift examples for a food lover. You can get them for yourself or even as a gift for your host :

  1. A fountain for chocolate
  2. A box of coins made out of chocolate (table ornaments)
  3. A kit to make gingerbread
  4. A box of Ferrero Rocher (it can be use as individual decoration on the table)
  5. A greater that can be use for cheese or chocolate
  6. A Wok
  7. A small slow cocker
  8. One or two pack of fair trade coffee
  9. Flower made out of chocolate
  10. Figurines made out of chocolate

You’ll see, this “ornaments” will be popular… there is almost not a chance for leftovers… ;-)

Corporate gift examples

Big businesses often give a corporate gift at big annual parties. Over the years, finding original and different gifts gets harder.

In order to make it easier for you, here are some few corporate gift examples :

  1. Umbrella
  2. Towel (beach style towel)
  3. Scarf
  4. Salt and Pepper kit
  5. Zip-on polar jacket
  6. 4 glass and coaster kit (maybe a bottle of something)
  7. 4 coffee mug kit (with a fair trade bag of coffee)

Those items all can be identified with the business logo.

Beware of the printing and the shipping delays.

Lover’s gift examples

If you want to spice up things and flame up the passion again, here are some lover’s gift examples :

  • A whale watching cruise or a cruise on the Saguenay’s fjord. Dufour’s group offering such experiences. If whale watching is not your thing, you can try a dancing diner cruise on the St-Laurent… If you are carful about the reservation time, you could get a great sunset !
  • A hockey game could also be a good event if you both love this sport and the same team… Furthermore, seats are very close one from the other…
  • A two person getaway at the Sky Spa… You hit the sky right at when you enter… you just have to enjoy… Otherwise, any spa getaway near a small Bed and Breakfast is very promising.
  • If you prefer having fun at home, you can find in different adults store different adults only games… From boring to exciting… take the time to compare them in the store before buying one… this is already mouth-watering right ?

Don’t forget, the important thing is to have fun…

Gift for a girl friend

Your girl friend is your best listener ? Or maybe you are her best listener ? You tell her everything and she tells you everything too ? It’s her birthday and you are looking for a little something that is different ?

Relaxing yoga like music CD, bread oven, bread maker, a spice rack, a food saver wrapping system, an ice cream maker, bed cloth, a handbag address book, a photo album with your best pictures in it, a friendship like bracelet, a broche for her coat, a polar blanket for the couch or the car…

Give her something she will use… isn’t she your best friend ?

Christmas exchanges gift ideas

You are looking for a small Christmas gift idea and you are out of inspiration ?
You are attending a Christmas gift exchange with your working colleagues or with some friends ?
You need to find a small gift for your in-law family ?
The gift should be appropriated for both sexes and not expensive ?

So you will find below a list of different Christmas exchanges gift ideas :

  1. A case for the remote control
  2. A big stuffed dice to play
  3. A platter with a pillow under to eat on the couch or in the bed
  4. A portative manicure kit
  5. A lint razor
  6. A reading lamp
  7. A glass coaster kit with photos under
  8. A dynamo handle flash light
  9. A coffee mug for the car
  10. One or two anti-stress balls (very handy)
  11. An automatic card mixer
  12. A tool kit to eat nuts

Or you could simply go for the traditional and always popular box of Belgium’s chocolate! You can also take not of the list in the exemple de petit cadeau de Noël article.

Green Christmas gift

We are right in the middle of Christmas time. Unfortunately, this period is often synonym of over consummation and big production of trash.

We can ask ourselves this question : “ Can we adopt more ecological practices all while keeping Christmas magic touch ? ” Well, yes we can.

Here are many ways to make your Christmas greener.

Green Christmas gift ideas
– Objects that we don’t use anymore
– Fair trade and/or biological product (tea, coffee, chocolate, spice…)
– Gift certificate (downloadable music, show tickets, SEPAQ, massages…)
– Handmade gifts (scarves, gloves, socks, jam, cookies, candies…)
– Service certificate (babysitting, help for painting, shovelling the entry, bring coffee each morning for a week, etc.)
– Clothing or jewelleries made with recycled fabrics.

Visit the or website for more ecological gift ideas.

Wish cards
– Cards from a humanitarian organization
– Local artist cards
– Keep your cards and craft some new one next year using your old ones
– Digital cards
– Cards printed on 100% recycled paper.

– Use Kraft paper, grocery bags, made with 100% recycled paper
– Give a second life to your “trash” like canes or crates
– Keep gift bags, ornaments, ribbon in order to use them again
– Try to keep the gently use wrapping paper if possible
– Wrap your gifts in a reusable material like a Christmas dishcloth or a tissue that you don’t use anymore.

– Try to offer mostly provincial or local product
- Avoid using non reusable dishes
– If you don’t have enough dishes, you can use very inexpensive plastic dishes that you can put in the dishwasher, you will also be able to use them again and again at your receptions
– You don’t want to do the dishes… Play a game where the losers must do the dishes
– Ask your guest to bring the missing things (chairs, dishes, table…).

– There is many brands of wine and beer that are local, organic and sometimes even fair trade. Ask for advices at your local SAQ. Energy efficiency
– Be careful about the Christmas lights !
– Close the lights at night (or use a time switch)
– Light the lights only in December
– Choose LED light bulbs. They use 90% less energy and last 7 times longer then regular bulbs.

I hope that those advices will help you pass a greener Christmas time.
I wish you a very nice Holliday!

The biggest HYPERCUBE fan

Wonderful! Nissan Canada has launched a mega contest! The Hypercube contest! The objective is to promote the new Nissan Cube.

There are a lot of people that have subscribed by filling the web application form. The people had to describe their profile. With that, Nissan has selected 500 persons.

I’m one of them!
It’s so amazing!

Now, we have, the 500 finalists, to make the demonstration that we are in the greates. Because the 50 exceptional top profiles will win a Nissan CUBE !

I work on that many hours a day!

There is the profile of the biggest HYPERCUBE fan… me…