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Gift examples for a visually handicapped person

What can we give to a visually handicapped person ? This question seams simple and complicated all at once. Tough there is so many options. My friend Monique is a visually handicapped person and this doesn’t stop her from playing the organ.

Here are some gift examples for a visually handicapped person.

You can buy her a CD, all depending on the person personal taste, this is not an expensive gift and music is so beautiful !

There is even some books put on CD’s in bookstores like Archambault and Renaud-Bray.

A watch or a talking timer, witch is only about twenty dollars.

If the person likes to play games, there is many ones at the Institut Nazareth and Louis-Braille, located on 111 St-Charles Ouest in Longueil. Here are some game examples that you can find there: deck of cards, Scrabble, Crib, Black Diamond, checkers and many more…

You can also get many other suggestions by calling the Institute sales counter at the following number: (450) 463-1710, post 200.

There is also some talking visual display unit for the phone, witch are not very expensive. Of course, the visually handicapped person needs to subscribe to the visual unit display service.

Contrarily to the usual sayings, these people are very at ease with there computer. A lot of software are adapted for their conditions. You should see at what speed Monique travels on Windows and his applications !

Therefore, you can offer them accessories or technical gadgets for their computers (USB key, mp3 player, wireless mouse or keyboard, speakers for the computer, etc.)

Thank you Monique !

Gift examples for a cat

Your little cat is also receiving a gift this Christmas…

He looks at you when you open your gifts and jumps at all the small wrapping paper balls you make…

Come on… if you are out of ideas here is a list of gift ideas for a cat.

Offer him the chance at unwrapping a toy mouse…

  • Offer him a pillow for his napes or a bed
  • or a game with springs
  • give him a new food plate
  • give him a Strass necklace
  • a food distributor
  • or an Igloo for cats
  • a cat carrier bag

Go ahead, spoil your little kitten… he is so adorable !

Gift examples for a brother in law

Brother in law… We can make it without them… So many services are exchanges between in law. Many different occasions invites us to give a small gift to our favorite brother in law.

So, a list of gift example for a brother in law is needed !

  • a pair of tickets for a humour show like Martin Matte : Comment devenir excellent !
  • or his DVD
  • a good bottle of wine (easy, ordinary, but a safe value)
  • a bottle of Porto (even safer !)
  • a hockey game ticket (the other ticket is for you obviously !) That’s the good thing!)
  • a complete day at the spa up North (for his wife of course !)

Come on… be generous !

Gift examples for a scuba-diving lover

Professional scuba-diving or simply diving for fun is a passionate thing. Sometimes, it can become one of the principal things to considerate when planning a trip or vacations. Scuba-diving… first of all a passion of discovery ?

I ask a good friend of mine to list some gift example for a scuba-diving lover. Of course, everything depends on your budget…

For a modest price (less then a 100$), there is

  1. a secondary lamp,
  2. a lamp for night diving,
  3. a book on Quebec’s scuba-diving places,
  4. a page to call people from under water,
  5. a bag to carry the bob.

For the higher budget (more then 100$) there is

  1. a diving computer
  2. a carrying bag,
  3. a complete pressure regulator,
  4. a complete 7mm suit or 3mm for hot places.

Wow ! There are a lot of choices !

Thanks Liette for those great suggestions.

Gift suggestions for a friend

You really like your friend since he is your confident or your best work buddy ? Offer him one of those gift ideas in order to express gratitude.

Obviously, since this is one of your best friends, you know a bit about his tastes and nature… it’s up to you to consider his personality when you will choose his gift…

  • An auto guide book
  • a deluxe wine bottle opener
  • one ticket for a humour show (the other ticket is for you of course!)
  • a pair of leather gloves
  • Imported beer
  • a bottle of Porto

No one can replace a friend !

Gift examples for a single person

Your friend is proud to be single or desperate to be alone ?

Time to cheer him up with some of the best gift for single person :

  1. Coffee kit for one or two person (2 cup coffee machine, 2 mugs, coffee jar, latte mixer)
  2. Espresso machine
  3. Movie theatre gift card (Cineplex Odéon, Guzzo, etc)
  4. Gift certificate for a nice massage in a spa resort
  5. The single person pillow

Why not accompany this person in one of those getaway ideas.

Do you have other suggestions that we could add to this list ?

Ideas of books for kids

It is a nice idea to offer a book to a child.

Young kids often pass to much time in front of their television or computer. Books are a way to offer them some time to relax and be calm, for example before going to bed or before supper time. In some other way, books are a way to open up to our world.

There are a lot of books for kids that are well illustrated and easy to read or to read.

So here are some ideas of books for kids :

  • Un million, c’est grand comment ?
  • Pousse, tourne, compte, et trouve les compagnons de Petit Pingouin
  • Les contes de fées illustrés
  • L’album phosphorescent de l’espace
  • L’album phosphorescent de l’océan
  • Fenêtre sur le corps humain
  • Fenêtre sur la planète Terre
  • Mon grand monde des animaux
  • Mon grand monde des dinosaures

Why not take the habit to read a good story each night before going to sleep ? And at the same time, you help your kid to develop his own taste towards literature.

Have a good time!

New Year gift examples

New Year is coming up and you need to shop for a host gift. You want to give a small gift for the person that is welcoming you for this celebration ?

Here are New Year gift examples :

  • Red Poinsettia flowers
  • Wall clock
  • A bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine
  • A hand made calendar made out of pictures and images that represents your host (or his kids)
  • A big candle kit to put on the table
  • Some table center pieces that represents birds (preferably red cardinals)

Celebrate, have fun ! Happy New Year !

Christmas CD

You are looking for an affordable Christmas present ?

No need to look farther, I have what you are looking for !

My Christmas time CD is only 10 $ plus 7 $ for the shipping (for those that cannot come here to pick it up). If you are living in the Ste-Catherine area, we can ship it for only 2 $ or you can come and get it yourself, as you wish.

To order or for any other information :

(450) 635-247
(514) 465-2477

By mail, you send a cheque or postal order, to the address I will give you when you will call to order; as soon as I get the money, it will be my pleasure to mail it to you!

I can even play a few samples.
Here are the 12 songs titles : (more…)

Christmas gifts examples for a girlfriend

Your dear girlfriend took care of you all year…

At Christmas time, seize the moment to prove her your love and devotion. It’s time to look for gift ideas for your girlfriend ! Take notice of her interest and what she likes.

She loves astrology but you don’t believe this crap ? Who cares, give her an astrology book !

You like hockey and always go see the game with your friends ? Buy two tickets and invite her ! She will be thrilled ! Staying in the « skating field », you could offer her tickets for an on ice show.

Girls/Women love massages… original if it’s offer in a frame or bottle (roll up and wrap it with a simple Christmas ribbon). You could also give her a hand made certificate that is always exchangeable for a massage gave by you….

The other idea is offering a box of chocolate but you change the wrapping a bit… In the box, under each chocolate, you hide a small piece of paper on which you write a number. In the box add a sheet where you write the “ bonus ” your girlfriend is entitled when she choose the piece of chocolate with this number !

Be creative !