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Gift examples for a granny

When Christmas is getting nearer, we know that the gift will get pilled up under granny’s Christmas tree…

Granny is a granny ! It is important that the kids give their granny a gift (maybe two or three ?).

Obviously, granny already has everything ! We need to use our imagination.

So if granny loves to cook, there is probably cooking tools or utensils that she could use to fill her collection or replace old ones she has.

Here are some other gift examples for a granny that will always please her :

  • a theme related crafting
  • a hand made card with a couple lottery tickets
  • a picture took at the child care
  • a magnate framed picture for her refrigerator

Why not a three generations family’s night out ?

Gift ideas for a young girl

Young girls are not kids anymore, but they are not pure and hard teenagers

The young girls start expressing themselves and start to know what they want. But it is far from being easy to find the right gift for a young girl so special and extraordinary like ours !

Here are some gift ideas for a young girl :

  • Clothes
  • A pretty makeup bag
  • A manicure kit
  • A fashionable purse
  • A lighted and magnifying mirror
  • Clothes
  • Nice accessories and jewelleries
  • A pretty belt
  • earrings
  • Clothes
  • Nice bed sheets
  • Decorative pillows for her bedroom
  • A pretty little lamp to decorate her room

If you don’t know what kind of clothes to buy her… you can offer her a shopping spree in her favorite store… She should be delighted !

Gift examples for a grand-father

Our grand-parents worked so hard all their life that it is our duty to spoil them somehow. It all depends if you grand-father is active or not, you will need to adapt your gift idea.

For example, if he plays golf, then you could go with one of those suggestions. Same thing if he is a hunter or a fisherman. If he is not very active, or if he is already well equipped, you can find here some gift examples for a grand-father :

  • a pair of leather or polar gloves
  • a bottle of his favorite fragrance
  • a bottle of porto or a good bottle of wine
  • imported bottles of beer
  • a box of dark chocolate
  • a nice pocket watch

Enjoy your shopping !

Gift examples for a little boy

Little boys love “guy’s toys” ;-).

That is why this list of gift example for a little boy only includes “safe values”…

  • A fireman’s truck
  • A policeman’s car
  • A police’s man truck
  • Dinosaurs
  • A Home Depot’s tool kit : Helmet, gloves, protective glasses, a tool belt
  • A radio controlled toy
  • A Diego figurine
  • A seek and find game
  • A pair of ice skates
  • A hockey stick
  • A kit of animal from the jungle with a Jeep
  • Toy swords
  • Small cars

You can find other examples here : Christmas gift for a boy

If you have any other suggestions, don’t hesitate to add them below…

Gift example for a grand-mother

Your grand-mother took care of you for so many years! You need to show so recognition! What can you give to your dear grandma that will please her and that she doesn’t already have in industrial quantity ? The gifts ideas for a grand-mother are not that numerous and they really depend on the situation of your grand-mother.

You can always go with the traditional box of fine chocolates. You already know that she will offer some to all her guest, but it’s not really a matter since she will like them anyway. It’s the same thing with the box of fine crackers or cookies…

Generally, she will enjoy a family picture or pictures of her child’s. However, offer her nicely framed pictures that will be pretty with the frames that she already have. If you offer her a picture each year, be sure that the format will fit whit the ones she already have…

Grand-mothers love to get a nice tablecloth or a pretty floral center piece. A fresh cut bouquet can also be appreciated for her anniversary, Easter, Christmas or simply as a hostess gift.

Gift examples for a brother in law

Brother in law… We can make it without them… So many services are exchanges between in law. Many different occasions invites us to give a small gift to our favorite brother in law.

So, a list of gift example for a brother in law is needed !

  • a pair of tickets for a humour show like Martin Matte : Comment devenir excellent !
  • or his DVD
  • a good bottle of wine (easy, ordinary, but a safe value)
  • a bottle of Porto (even safer !)
  • a hockey game ticket (the other ticket is for you obviously !) That’s the good thing!)
  • a complete day at the spa up North (for his wife of course !)

Come on… be generous !

Gift examples for a brother

A brother is a brother. What can we say… ;-)

Here is a list of gift example for a brother. This should give you enough ideas…

If your brother is passionate about something (like hunting or fishing you may want to follow those passion in order to find a good gift. Take a look at our other pages of the website (glance or do a research).

If your brother is passionate about a TV series, the latest DVD complete season should please him !

Furthermore, in his basement or garage, maybe he is missing some tools ? Ask your father or his wife for suggestions… They probably heard him yanking about what was missing !

If your brother has the tendency to be late, or if he is a watch junkie, you can offer him one as a gift.

You choose !

Gift examples for a mom

We love our mom…. and it is incommensurable.

So when it comes to gift ideas, year after year, we are looking for the little something different…

Between the box of chocolate and the ornament…

  • fresh cut bouquet of seasonal flowers is always appreciated
  • A numeric frame key holder
  • a small countertop television for the kitchen
  • A subscription to the Décoration Chez Soi magazine
  • A subscription to the Moi et Cie magazine
  • A subscription to the Les Idées de ma Maison magazine
  • A family’s night out in a good restaurant
  • A nice framed picture of you or your family

Come on, spoil your mom! You will find in this article more examples christmas present for mom

Gift examples for a sister

Our sister is a good confidante and usually gives us good advices. You never pass by the opportunity to please her and thank her for all that she’s done for you. Of course, your sister’s age will have a big influence on the type of gift that you will offer her…

However, here are many gift examples for a sister that will guide your choices.

What can be better then a special massage session ? This can be in her region or near in order to facilitate the access.

If your budget allows it, and that your sister is in order to travel, why not offer her a massage in one of those extraordinary spas up north ? You can join the massage with a sauna treatment and a quick bath in the river !

If your sister has many children, offer her movies night out, night while you will keep the children’s (this way you will also be able to spoil them to !).

If you have kids, you can frame a family portrait in a nice framework; this will please her for sure.

At some occasion (but not all the occasion), you can offer her some bath product (bubble bath, fizzing balls, body lotions…)

If you really know her taste, you can go for jewelleries, like a nice pair of earrings.

It’s your sister, get loose !

Ideas of books for kids

It is a nice idea to offer a book to a child.

Young kids often pass to much time in front of their television or computer. Books are a way to offer them some time to relax and be calm, for example before going to bed or before supper time. In some other way, books are a way to open up to our world.

There are a lot of books for kids that are well illustrated and easy to read or to read.

So here are some ideas of books for kids :

  • Un million, c’est grand comment ?
  • Pousse, tourne, compte, et trouve les compagnons de Petit Pingouin
  • Les contes de fées illustrés
  • L’album phosphorescent de l’espace
  • L’album phosphorescent de l’océan
  • Fenêtre sur le corps humain
  • Fenêtre sur la planète Terre
  • Mon grand monde des animaux
  • Mon grand monde des dinosaures

Why not take the habit to read a good story each night before going to sleep ? And at the same time, you help your kid to develop his own taste towards literature.

Have a good time!