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Gift examples for a small Christmas present

You are looking for a small gift that is not expensive, but can be useful too ?

You want to give something to your sister in law that is the party hostess, but you don’t know her that well yet? You want to offer something that is original and different, but not insignificant ? You are at the right place for that…

Here is, just for you, a bunch of suggestions and gift examples for a small Christmas present :

  1. a popcorn machine
  2. a popcorn bol
  3. studded winter shoe sole
  4. a cutting board and a knife
  5. A deluxe electrical bottle opener
  6. A nice designed wine bottle holder
  7. a box of fine chocolates
  8. a USB key for her computer
  9. a mitten like windshield scrapper for her car
  10. A gift set box from Tim Horton with a coffee mug, some coffee pouches, etc.
  11. An artisan gift bought at the Salon des métiers d’art

and why not offer that in the same Christmas wrapping ?

You can also get a look in the article : Christmas exchanges gift ideas.

Christmas CD

You are looking for an affordable Christmas present ?

No need to look farther, I have what you are looking for !

My Christmas time CD is only 10 $ plus 7 $ for the shipping (for those that cannot come here to pick it up). If you are living in the Ste-Catherine area, we can ship it for only 2 $ or you can come and get it yourself, as you wish.

To order or for any other information :

(450) 635-247
(514) 465-2477

By mail, you send a cheque or postal order, to the address I will give you when you will call to order; as soon as I get the money, it will be my pleasure to mail it to you!

I can even play a few samples.
Here are the 12 songs titles : (more…)

Christmas gifts examples for a girlfriend

Your dear girlfriend took care of you all year…

At Christmas time, seize the moment to prove her your love and devotion. It’s time to look for gift ideas for your girlfriend ! Take notice of her interest and what she likes.

She loves astrology but you don’t believe this crap ? Who cares, give her an astrology book !

You like hockey and always go see the game with your friends ? Buy two tickets and invite her ! She will be thrilled ! Staying in the « skating field », you could offer her tickets for an on ice show.

Girls/Women love massages… original if it’s offer in a frame or bottle (roll up and wrap it with a simple Christmas ribbon). You could also give her a hand made certificate that is always exchangeable for a massage gave by you….

The other idea is offering a box of chocolate but you change the wrapping a bit… In the box, under each chocolate, you hide a small piece of paper on which you write a number. In the box add a sheet where you write the “ bonus ” your girlfriend is entitled when she choose the piece of chocolate with this number !

Be creative !

Christmas exchanges gift ideas

You are looking for a small Christmas gift idea and you are out of inspiration ?
You are attending a Christmas gift exchange with your working colleagues or with some friends ?
You need to find a small gift for your in-law family ?
The gift should be appropriated for both sexes and not expensive ?

So you will find below a list of different Christmas exchanges gift ideas :

  1. A case for the remote control
  2. A big stuffed dice to play
  3. A platter with a pillow under to eat on the couch or in the bed
  4. A portative manicure kit
  5. A lint razor
  6. A reading lamp
  7. A glass coaster kit with photos under
  8. A dynamo handle flash light
  9. A coffee mug for the car
  10. One or two anti-stress balls (very handy)
  11. An automatic card mixer
  12. A tool kit to eat nuts

Or you could simply go for the traditional and always popular box of Belgium’s chocolate! You can also take not of the list in the exemple de petit cadeau de Noël article.

Green Christmas gift

We are right in the middle of Christmas time. Unfortunately, this period is often synonym of over consummation and big production of trash.

We can ask ourselves this question : “ Can we adopt more ecological practices all while keeping Christmas magic touch ? ” Well, yes we can.

Here are many ways to make your Christmas greener.

Green Christmas gift ideas
– Objects that we don’t use anymore
– Fair trade and/or biological product (tea, coffee, chocolate, spice…)
– Gift certificate (downloadable music, show tickets, SEPAQ, massages…)
– Handmade gifts (scarves, gloves, socks, jam, cookies, candies…)
– Service certificate (babysitting, help for painting, shovelling the entry, bring coffee each morning for a week, etc.)
– Clothing or jewelleries made with recycled fabrics.

Visit the or website for more ecological gift ideas.

Wish cards
– Cards from a humanitarian organization
– Local artist cards
– Keep your cards and craft some new one next year using your old ones
– Digital cards
– Cards printed on 100% recycled paper.

– Use Kraft paper, grocery bags, made with 100% recycled paper
– Give a second life to your “trash” like canes or crates
– Keep gift bags, ornaments, ribbon in order to use them again
– Try to keep the gently use wrapping paper if possible
– Wrap your gifts in a reusable material like a Christmas dishcloth or a tissue that you don’t use anymore.

– Try to offer mostly provincial or local product
- Avoid using non reusable dishes
– If you don’t have enough dishes, you can use very inexpensive plastic dishes that you can put in the dishwasher, you will also be able to use them again and again at your receptions
– You don’t want to do the dishes… Play a game where the losers must do the dishes
– Ask your guest to bring the missing things (chairs, dishes, table…).

– There is many brands of wine and beer that are local, organic and sometimes even fair trade. Ask for advices at your local SAQ. Energy efficiency
– Be careful about the Christmas lights !
– Close the lights at night (or use a time switch)
– Light the lights only in December
– Choose LED light bulbs. They use 90% less energy and last 7 times longer then regular bulbs.

I hope that those advices will help you pass a greener Christmas time.
I wish you a very nice Holliday!

Christmas gift for a boy

If your few years old son like to watch television and is particularly focused on educative shows (?) like Caillou, why not give him one of the educative gifts from Caillou ?

Here is some Christmas gift ideas for a boy :

  • Baby Caillou it smell’s good
  • Caillou gift set
  • Allouette Jar
  • Bag with the stuffed Caillou “The gift”
  • Puzzle book “The letters”
  • Puzzle book “The numbers”
  • Caillou my piano book.

If you are not into toys, you could offer him :

  • A small Caillou blanket
  • Caillou sheets
  • Caillou pillow
  • A bag Caillou

You can also go to big toy stores, there you can find many other Caillou stuff.

Christmas present for mom

You are looking for a gift idea for your mom… You want something simple but different ? Usually, moms are not very complicated. Sometimes, safe values are the best.

It is up to you to see which of the following Christmas gift suggestions is best for your mom :

  1. A digital picture frame
  2. A DVD player
  3. A book from her favorite author
  4. A massage appointment
  5. A bottle of her favorite fragrance
  6. A small slow cooker
  7. One recipe book
  8. Celine Dion’s last CD
  9. The Fireman calendar
  10. Her favorite series DVD

Come on and spoil her like it should, the one that gave you birth and her unconditional love.

Christmas gift for hunters

Hunters are often exposed at the cool fall winds. Good quality clothing will always be appreciated

  1. Light camouflage gloves
  2. Small camouflage scarf
  3. Camouflage hide neck
  4. Longue thermos underwear
  5. Camouflage tuque (mostly the polar one…)

With this kind of present you cannot really go wrong.

Indeed, even if your favorite hunter already got one of those suggestions, having a spare one is always a good thing.

Example of Christmas presents for a dog

Example of Christmas presents for a dog
Of course, everything depends on the breed and on the age of the dog being discussed!

A very small poodle does not have the same needs as a Labrador of 5 years!

It is so funny to see his dog tearing frantically
the wrapping ot the Christmas present encircling the bone or its plush

1 – Winter top coat
2 – A fuzz toy
3 – A luxury cushion to sleep at night
4 – Braid rope toy
5 – A Christmas stocking for dog (filled with good things and toys)

Go, spoil your dog isn’t it your most faithful friend?